Environmental Science Career Profile: Sean Salvatori

Studying environmental science at UTSC can lead to many different careers. In the following Q&A, UTSC chats with Environmental Science graduate Sean Salvatori.

UTSC: What were your favourite subjects in high school?
SS: My favourite subjects in high school were physics, chemistry and algebra.

UTSC: Did you always know you wanted to study environmental science?
SS: I always knew I enjoyed environmental sciences but I didn’t know until first year university on which area of environmental science I was going to focus.

UTSC: How did you come to study at UTSC?
SS: I was accepted at Scarborough and it was an easier transition from small-town Ontario to Toronto than St. George, and it was closer to my hometown for visits.

UTSC: What was your favourite part about studying at UTSC?
SS: My favourite part about Scarborough was the intimate nature and good people who both attended the school and who taught there. There was a lot of interaction outside the classroom with people who are still friends today.

UTSC: What was your favourite part about studying environmental science?
SS: I enjoyed the fieldwork and field trips most of all.

UTSC: What did you want to be when you “grew up”?
SS: A firefighter.

UTSC: Where are you working now?
SS: I work in the Toronto office of Dillon Consulting Limited but travel and work out of many of our offices across Canada.

UTSC: Do you have any advice or tips for high school students looking to study environmental science?
SS: Spend as much time outdoors observing the environment as you can.  Learn how natural systems work and their interactions. Always evaluate both sides of any environmentally based issues.

UTSC:  Did your degree in Environmental Science help you get to where you are today?
SS: All the courses I took as part of the Environmental Science degree are applicable to the work I do today as a consulting hydrogeologist.


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The University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) is home to a community of active learners drawn from all over the globe, determined to use what we discover – through investigation, collaboration and experience – to make our world a better place. Our campus is an integral component of Canada’s leading research-intensive university, a place where faculty contribute to cutting-edge knowledge, where the finest students are taught by the finest professors. Upon graduation, our students have earned one of the most rigorous and respected post-secondary degrees in the world. At UTSC, we are working together to find answers to tomorrow’s most important questions. And because the search for knowledge must always be conducted in a meaningful way, our campus is continually alive with innovative programming, engaging discourse and dynamic experiences that feed our spirits and enrich our minds. This is how to prepare students for the best possible future. This is how our scholarship contributes to a better world. This is our promise. Because tomorrow is created here.
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