Wotch’yup – Drew gets his bearings

I’m starting to feel like I really have my bearings now. I know all of the major streets and which directions they go. Also this morning I had another tour with some volunteers and they were able to navigate us through the markets and give us some helpful tips on how to get around.

So armed with this new knowledge and with the safety tips from yesterday’s session I decided to go out for a bit of a walk this afternoon. I was able to find a couple of places that I was looking for (the local Salvation Army and some shops) and I enjoyed the breeze that starts to cool everything off around 4:00. All of the streets have these ditches/channels along the sides of them – to help with drainage – and some of the streets have walkways in between them.

While I was walking down one of these streets, I ran into a few kids who were playing cricket. The smallest of them (probably around 6 or 7) called out to me “Wotch’yup” and I had to ask him three times before I figured out that he was asking me what’s up? I told him I was just walking. To which he replied “You from Australia?”

After that I walked up to the seawall and watched the sun start to set. The colours were unbelievable! More reds than I am used to seeing and with the cool breeze from the water, it was a great place to be. I ended up running into a few other volunteers at that point and we enjoyed the rest of the sunset as we walked back to the guest house.

Here is my 15 minute representation of some of the key places in the city. It is hard to get the best parts in (and hard to get complete accuracy because the small streets don’t make it on the map) but it’s a start.


Drew's map of some of the key places in the city


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