Drew’s rating system – What gets a gold star?

For those of you who don’t know, I regularly use a system to rate positive and negative things in this world. Two of the common ratings are ‘gold stars’ and ‘fail stars’.

For example – Ice cream gets a gold star. This is self evident because who doesn’t love ice cream? Industrial pollution, on the other hand, gets an EPIC fail star – once again, fairly self evident – we have done a number of really terrible things to the world.

It would be impossible for me to explain to you here all of the intricate details of this system. What I have learned is that some people are naturally in tune with it and understand almost immediately its significance. Others, I sadly have had to accept, may never understand how it works.

To try and express to you some of the things that I am finding really great (or in need of improvement) I am going to start an online star chart. As events happen throughout the year, I will probably end up adding to it.

GOLD STAR: The people – many people are really friendly and helpful and if you have a question they will genuinely want to give you a hand.

GOLD STAR: The seawall – I love being able to walk by the water in the morning.

FAIL STAR: The drainage canals – they are an immensely important part of the city’s infrastructure but they can be clogged with garbage in many places and I have nearly fallen in a few of them (therefore I guess I deserve a tool star – making this more of a personal star of dislike).

GOLD STAR: Nature – I have seen a number of really cool birds (and of course the manatee and lizard). Also there are so many beautiful trees. Even the clouds are different and interesting.

FAIL STAR: Traffic – I keep getting confused because cars drive on the left (another tool star for me) and though it is a really simple concept, it becomes much more difficult when you are relying on your intuition to get across roads and your senses are all mixed up. Traffic itself isn’t that heavy but when there are cars, some of them can drive… erratically.

GOLD STAR: The place where I am staying – top quality establishment.

GOLD STAR: The markets – Fresh food everywhere for great prices – I already have connections with someone who is going to teach me how to make roti (yum!).

GOLD STAR: Music – Such variety and great rhythms.


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The University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) is home to a community of active learners drawn from all over the globe, determined to use what we discover – through investigation, collaboration and experience – to make our world a better place. Our campus is an integral component of Canada’s leading research-intensive university, a place where faculty contribute to cutting-edge knowledge, where the finest students are taught by the finest professors. Upon graduation, our students have earned one of the most rigorous and respected post-secondary degrees in the world. At UTSC, we are working together to find answers to tomorrow’s most important questions. And because the search for knowledge must always be conducted in a meaningful way, our campus is continually alive with innovative programming, engaging discourse and dynamic experiences that feed our spirits and enrich our minds. This is how to prepare students for the best possible future. This is how our scholarship contributes to a better world. This is our promise. Because tomorrow is created here.
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