Getting Settled

A good friend told me that I should blog often, because if I don’t, too many things will happen and I won’t know what I should say.

Well A LOT has happened since my last post. I finished training, met my employer, moved into my new place, started work, bought a bicycle, started riding minibuses, shopped at the market, learned how to wash my clothes in a bucket, met neighbours and met a Guyanese man who used to live in downtown Toronto and who asked me to give him the update on what’s happened in Regent over the past two years (small world!).

A couple things have really stuck out in my mind though over the past little while:

One: there is a lot of work to do. The organization that I am working for is going through a lot of transition and there seems to be a lot of opportunity to get involved… almost too much though and I will have to really decide what priorities I can focus on. More information to come as I learn more myself ūüėČ

Two:¬†I miss Toronto’s cockroaches. I don’t have¬†roaches in my apartment per se (my apartment is very clean, secure and well stocked and there are almost no insects at all – except mosquitos – most of the time) but the cockroaches here are the length of my thumb… and they can fly! One flew into my bathroom as I was brushing my teeth last night…. enough said!

Three:¬†I am an impatient person. I have¬†a lot of dreams of things that I would like to see happen while I am here and that I would like to be a part of. My logical brain says that of course¬†I can’t expect certain things to fall into place in 2.5 weeks (or even in 2.5 months) but the part of me that is used to being involved in many things all at once is taking some time to adjust. The extra time has been really¬†important as I need the rest (my body is still adjusting to the heat) and it is¬†really valuable¬†for me to take the¬†time to be focused and intentional about waiting and listening. This in and of itself makes this a really¬†good¬†place to be in¬†right now… but it has been an adjustment.¬†(as if I didn’t have enough exciting things happen this week ūüôā

Here are some pictures of my place. Also I have included some pictures of animals that I got to see at the local zoo.

living room

My living room










The stove












back entrance

Sink and back entrance (leads to the little courtyard)









Courtyard out the back of my place that I share with my new neighbours









Harpy eagle. These birds are big, ugly and intimitadating... yet also awe inspiring. You can't see it in the picture but they have MASSIVE talons!










I can't even begin to express how big (and cool) this anaconda is!









The ocelot. By far my favourite! She was so playful and she even let me scratch behind her ears.









Spider monkey!









Drew Badgley is a student at the University of Toronto Scarborough, studying International Development Studies, currently on Co-op placement in Guyana. 


About uoftscarborough

The University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) is home to a community of active learners drawn from all over the globe, determined to use what we discover ‚Äď through investigation, collaboration and experience ‚Äď to make our world a better place. Our campus is an integral component of Canada‚Äôs leading research-intensive university, a place where faculty contribute to cutting-edge knowledge, where the finest students are taught by the finest professors. Upon graduation, our students have earned one of the most rigorous and respected post-secondary degrees in the world. At UTSC, we are working together to find answers to tomorrow‚Äôs most important questions. And because the search for knowledge must always be conducted in a meaningful way, our campus is continually alive with innovative programming, engaging discourse and dynamic experiences that feed our spirits and enrich our minds. This is how to prepare students for the best possible future. This is how our scholarship contributes to a better world. This is our promise. Because tomorrow is created here.
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1 Response to Getting Settled

  1. Janet says:

    Drew, how awesome! Haven’t been back since 1988! I laughed reading your comments especially on the flying cockroaches. Gosh, I don’t miss that much but, I definitely missed the fresh food and fruits. Enjoy the rest of your stay!

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