It all began with a bang!

Well, technically it began with a fire. Naturally when there is a fire, a fire truck comes to put out the fire. The thing about fire trucks is that they are well known for having blaring sirens in order to warn other vehicles about their imminent presence.

Yesterday I was walking down Lamaha street when just up the road from me a driver ignored a fire truck’s sirens, ended up in a collision course with the truck causing it to smash into a hydro pole and end up in one of the larger canals.

Bang! Snap Crackle Pop! Pow! Zonk! Holy haberdashery, Batman!

The best part of the story is that no one was seriously injured. The passengers in the car, the driver and the firemen were all a little shaken but were fine (the firemen even managed to put out the little grass fire – the reason for their presence in the first place – using buckets).

The damage was significant though – resulting in this. (what you can’t see is the massive mess of wires strewn all over the road).


Picture taken from a local news website - The Kaieteur News

Power was knocked out for a whole section of the city (not an uncommon occurrence here though – I had no power in my part of the city either but for a totally unrelated reason.)

It took quite a while for the repairs to happen. In the meantime I watched for a while with a large crowd that formed to make sure that everyone was okay. After a while I went my own way, went to the sea wall for some Sunday night ‘liming’ and then went home. Finding that there was still no power at home I decided to go back and check on the truck.

That was when I met a group of friends who all live right next to where the crash happened. They were very excited because they had caught an eel and they were going to cook it for a snack. After a short while they asked me if I wanted to have any eel. Too curious to refuse, I spent some more time with them.

Sadly no eel was consumed (though that is probably for the best for a lot of reasons) because it took too long for the power lines to get fixed. I did get to know this group of guys better though, found out that they work at the market where I do all of my shopping and maybe I will run into them there sometime.

This was definitely a big news piece here. Just glad it didn’t end up being truly terrible one.

Drew Badgley is a student at the University of Toronto Scarborough, studying International Development Studies, currently on Co-op placement in Guyana. 


About uoftscarborough

The University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) is home to a community of active learners drawn from all over the globe, determined to use what we discover – through investigation, collaboration and experience – to make our world a better place. Our campus is an integral component of Canada’s leading research-intensive university, a place where faculty contribute to cutting-edge knowledge, where the finest students are taught by the finest professors. Upon graduation, our students have earned one of the most rigorous and respected post-secondary degrees in the world. At UTSC, we are working together to find answers to tomorrow’s most important questions. And because the search for knowledge must always be conducted in a meaningful way, our campus is continually alive with innovative programming, engaging discourse and dynamic experiences that feed our spirits and enrich our minds. This is how to prepare students for the best possible future. This is how our scholarship contributes to a better world. This is our promise. Because tomorrow is created here.
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